pitifall:the mayan expidition

User Rating: 1.1 | Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure GBA
pitifall:the mayan...0 pitfall,srry,is by far so horribly terrible,it makes william hung sound like ACDC.The gameplay is shattered so bad it only makes the terrible control worse.I don't remember,but even if there was sound in it,it was unnoticable.You know how turtleworm said that his friend through it out?That was me.It's just that bad.It's kind of like a soldier spitting on a WW2 vet because it disgraces the original pitfall,and even that wasn't really super mario.If you see this in your local gamestop,remember:stop,drop,and roll.That way,you get away from the game and you put out the fire,if your on fire.Trust me,that $4.99 could be spent of a few rounds of centipedes than this abomination they call a game.

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