Good game, but not always Excellent

User Rating: 8 | Pillars of Eternity PC

I'm about 25 hours in, and I've had varied feelings about the game. I started out just loving it - really enjoyed the rehash of the iso graphics, good animations and found exploration to be a kick. After about 15 hours I started to get annoyed with all the excessive scene "description" text - a line or two is fine, but two paragraphs is painful. The battles started out extremely difficult, but now, with 6 characters, most are a walk in the park, so it's gone from painfully hard to easy and I've turned the difficulty up.

Pillars is a good game - at times excellent - but not always excellent. Enjoy the graphics and a new world - companions are not quite as interesting as I'd hope, but still fun. I'll finish the game, but sorry.... it doesn't get to unseat Torment.