What's with the hype?

User Rating: 6 | Pillars of Eternity PC

Will try to make this short.

-- Cons:

  • Way too much narrative: I don't know how it is for native speakers, and even though I think I can handle english well enough, I got headaches trying to read past every single "feeling" or action the NPC did while talking. For example: Waving his hand across his silky hair, his eyes posed, almost as fixated, within your sight -- NPC: Hello. Picture that, but increased threefold, almost every time when you wanted to speak to an NPC. I seriously don't want to read 4 lines of text for a simple "hello", nor I care for his silky smoth hair. if you feel the need to express every single action or emotion in text, write a book.
  • Combat Mechanics: I don't know if I missed it (even though I searched a lot for it) but there isn't any AI whatsoever regarding your party members, meaning you will need to give them EVERY.SINGLE.COMMAND. Not cool at all, specially when you control 6 characters at once. Also if you order them to attack something and they cannot reach it (because the path is blocked by another mob or whatever reason might be) they will do nothing, just stand there until you give them another order. This one is the biggest turndown for me, if I happen to miss it, please let me know.

-- Pros:

  • The story: Seems legit enough, won't spoil it. but not enough for me to keep playing while having to micromanage 6 team members.
  • Reputation / Affiliation: You will be known in the land for your cruel, clever, honest, passionate, deceptive and a couple of more actions. I like that, makes me feel my character is truly how I want him to be. If you wish you can enable it in the options so when you're talking to a NPC it will tell you which kind of response you're giving him (a Clever response, Honest, etc)

It shares many of the features you would expect from a D&D game, so get your cons and pros from there as well. Overall is a good game, but with the serious issues when fighting. for me at least is almost unplayable.