A most fabulous rpg to the max of human gaming ecstacy!

User Rating: 9 | Pillars of Eternity PC

Fabulous game to the max. PILLARS OF ETERNITY has tons of stats and classes with layers of depth to make one's character unique and their own. Exploration and combat are excellent with graceful smooth interaction which enhances the magic and wonder of exploration with the contrasting explosive tense combat. It is a much welcomed evolutionary step up from BALDUR'S GATE.

Music is soothing and transcending touching the mind with soft kisses from another world. Graphics are thick with endless variety and detail making the world feel alive with sensual delights and death threatening terror. They are not the greatest but they get the job done. A bit on the jaggy side along with many blurred textures when it comes to environmental backgrounds sucn as lifeless skeleton corpses on dungeon floors etc.

Voice acting makes me connect with my character and the npcs of the world triggering emotional moments whenever the unexpected happens. Alongside the incredibly well written grim story and theatrical effects like dramatic music while cutscenes play out or a battle is about to begin these are some of the best things about Pillars Of Eternity.

I love how pausing was implemented in so many situations and how each pause situation can be turned on or off in the options menu. Sometimes though it feels like a bum rush with everyone just hacking and bashing away while spells fly which seems a bit less tactical then the original Baldur's Gate or Divinity Original Sin.

Another great thing are options for people who suffer color blindness as well as font scaling to make text bigger which is great for.. older eyes :)

Writing is truly stunning in its excellence. Its on a level of high caliber literature bringing the story home with the sizzling steak appeal of a LORD OF THE RINGS movie but better. Characters come across with endless range of personality making them very likeable even if they are scoundrels. Best writing i have seen in a rpg in ages if ever complimented perfectly by top notch professional voice acting.

Some of the best writing and voice acting since Planescape Torment with characters that will get you going emotionally.

Indeed PILLARS OF ETERNITY is a beautiful and shocking harsh world which draws one in and does not let go in its seductive hug. Before i knew it three hours had passed and i was still hankering for more but alas real life needs a chore or two done :)

If your looking for a very intense Baldur's Gate experiance with a different combat system that is more pause go pause then turned based Pillars Of Eternity is the rpg to satisfy the dnd fever in you with mind blowing writing fleshing out a grueling story of a brutal world where every day is deathly dark and sinfully burn at the steak sinister.

Thank you OBSIDIAN and congratulations on your magnificent creation.