some things aretaken for granted,this game is,at the same time game has problems but it is mostly in the graphical depar

User Rating: 7.5 | Pariah XBOX
--this game is pretty awesome and pretty crappy at the same time;))

much plays fine ,,other things is executed badly,,

fireing a weapon does not always seem right,,after fire respond well? ehh? ,,

story is nice,,cutscenes are good enough but kind off executed badly,,sound is just good enough,,but nothing spectacular;?,,

seems like what looks the best graphics wise are the weapons,,ai ca nbe crazy and act crazy at time,,against a bunch of hordes of enemies,,where u usually just spam rocket launcher or grenade,,

multiplayer is nice,,,sound is less nice;p ;)

puzzles are exelent;) good but not great;) many terrific arenas enad levels,,story is maybe the best part;) allthough somehwat not getting it;p ;) ,,

havok motor used well but not great,,feels like half of this game seems havok.-ish,,and the other half like backgrounds are,,1996 graphically;p ;)

it can occur glitches and other performance issues,,therefore play it on a console;)

driving is fun ;( though tough )) ,,weapons are not ecually fun;( ;( ;),,

some elements could have been left out;) ,,regaining health works fine and there are always ammo,,but u must not waste any ammo,,u need the ammo;)) ,,artwork; ) ,,,,when driving cmaera not the best;),,

unforgiveable game,,yes ;) therefore and 7.5 ,,it stil lcan be a gem;;)

game on;))