Work Simulator

User Rating: 3 | Papers, Please PC

Remember what it's like to go to work for 8 hours a day to drudge through the same tedious and stressful crap over and over? Well now you can experience the same enjoyment from the comfort of your home, without wasting any of your employer's money!! Isn't that great?! :)

- That's apparently what's going through the minds of the game designers and the people who are exited about playing it - YES! it is a work simulator for people who apparently don't have enough stress in their lives from their REAL bosses - or people who need a simulator to experience the monotony of having a 8-5 job because their lives are so awesome that they wouldn't have any clue otherwise, and couldn't be bothered to get a REAL job out of fear of doing actual work (most probably the same people who cry because their iPhone screen cracked, or because Starbucks no longer carries their favorite flavor - 1st world problems, they're really horrible *rolling-eyes*).

If you are interested in this, I recommend getting a job doing over-the-phone technical support: 1. You work a standard 8 hours a day doing the same shit over and over, 2. People will have devices that are either covered under warranty or are not, 3. those people will either be happy for the support, sad that they didn't get any support (but understanding), or ungrateful self-entitled little shits (even the older people) who try to get you to break policy and risk losing your job for their own selfish personal gain (these low-life's are the trash of the universe!) - and you get all that, PLUS GET PAID REAL MONEY!!!

[sarcasm] I can't imagine what Phone Support Operator wouldn't looooove to come home to play this after a hard day of work! [/sarcasm]

I gave this 3 stars, because the visuals and music weren't completely god-awful, and I didn't run into any bugs, so it had at least some redeeming value- even when it's close to none.

I haven't experienced all endings or that this has to offer, but to expect me to do that would be the equivalent of telling me to wade through tons and tons of cow-shit just to find a tiny diamond in it. It's not happening.

So, Yeah, this job is essentially a Phone Support Simulator - minus the stick figure shooting and explosions - otherwise it's not much more that that.