worth your time; great experience

User Rating: 8 | Papers, Please PC

This game is great, its not "fun", but so are horror games, even RPGs are not fun sometimes... its about getting you involved in something, and I never thought I will get so involved with such "paper duty" game. you will be really focused because you need to work faster to get more money, but there is penalty on making mistakes... you will need to check a lot of papers and compare them...

as simple as it is, they created a great world to live in,consisting of socialistic countries who hate each other,(you will experience terrorist activities-weapon smugglers... etc...) you'll feel like you're responsible for your family, the moral choices are great, sometimes you will take the responsibility to make someone pass; even if they didn't complete their papers, sometimes you will deal with crazy people... or someone stuck in the border (which reminded me of "terminal" the movie)... and you can even work against your country if you want to... bribes, split detaining bonus with the guard... they will even give you recognition certificate to hang ... you can help people to get more money

money is important to keep your family alive, they give you almost nothing, so you will have to work really hard, you will think twice before spending 5 credits to upgrade your booth(even If upgrading can help you do jobs faster) its going to be stressful sometimes...you feel like this games give you a real life experience, which is great

and when you suspect someone, (sometimes) you have to scan them... which means nude picks!! (yes you will loose time looking at them :P)

- Glory to Arstotska