Simple fun. Lots of good laughs. Just keep your expectations realistic. It's $10 for crying out loud.

User Rating: 8 | PAIN PS3
I've been waiting for this game for a while, and I rushed home from work to download it. I laughed quite a bit last night while playing it.

The Good:
- The control is really well done. It was obviously a priority and tweaked accordingly. It's easy to get him to do what you want him to do, but not to the point where it fails to be a challenge.
- Planning out complex chain reactions on a refreshed world will prove to be challenging and fun.
- In-air poses are really funny.
- Absofreakinlutely EVERYTHING in the world is coming down. Every letter on every sign. It's great. I spent about 2 hours making sure I completely destroyed the world.
- This first world really shows the possibilities of how much more can be done with this game.
- Sound design is well done and appropriately zany... all the way down to the kazoo ditty that accompanies each unlock.
- Doing a cannonball and landing on the sunbathing girl on the rooftop is great.

The Bad:
- I was hoping for more than this one world. Not expecting, just hoping. After all, it was only $10.
- (Not really a negative about gameplay) They showed us the animation of him destroying the cyclist and his bike in gameplay movies... but as of the first night playing it I haven't unlocked that yet.... I wanted to do that over and over again.
- The in-air and replay camera controls are not as intuitive as I would have hoped.

Overall, it's just fun. It's in the same realm of why we watched Looney Toons over and over as a kid.. seeing a character get jacked up is just funny.

It's just nice to have a game that fails to take anything seriously outside of providing humorous fun. Whether or not some of the humorous elements were well thought out or simply the developers post happy hour "Hey, wouldn't it be really funny if we..." I'm not sure, but the bridled crudeness does add a lot of personality to the game.

Plus, inane crap like the fact that many of the monkey's carry footballs just makes you chuckle.