Good... Namco has produced a masterpiece

User Rating: 9 | Pac-Man World 3 PS2
It slowly struggles and is quickly fouls a great platformer. At first I didn't think I was gonna like this cause i thought it was just a regular PacMan arcade game with a bunch of courses. Turns out it's a great experience that lets you play as PacMan and even the ghosts. Everything's great. I understand the perfect plot: It's Jounior's birthday, PacMan goes crazy for some reason and gets transported to a dump. turns out PacMan's ally Oscar is the "idiot of whom we'd speak" but an evil genius named Irwin is ruling the world so Pacman needs to save the world and kill Irwin with the help of his ghost allies and Oscar. The levels are designed like a nice 3D game but sometimes the enemies get out of hand and drive you nuts. this game i definitly recommend this game however There is so whatever no multiplayer or minigames---just buy it for the main game...for the beauty of Super Mario Galaxy for PlayStation.