Summer prepares to serve the ball. Care to guess what she'd do for another fifty bucks?

User Rating: 8.4 | Outlaw Tennis XBOX
Well as you guessed it from the title, outlaw tennis isn't a serious wimbeldon level tennis game, it is in a fact a highly enjoyable and easy to use Tennis game with good humour thrown in for effect.
The characters are the basis of the games humour, we have Summer a blond hair blue eyes hot pant wearing trailer trash to Bruce who is a rather incompentant Ninja who has taken up Tennis (probally because he's not a very good ninja).
Each character varys on skills levels from serve to power and speed and many more, these can't be improved thourgh the game but playing the campaign will open up more extras such as extra levels for multiplayer and more characters to choose from, needless to say the more you get thourgh it the more you will unlock which helps with both campaign modes and multiplayers modes.

In campaign mode expect to clock it in under 48 hours non stop, I don't suggest playing it for too long a time on your own as all sport games tend to get a little repitive after the first hours or so but by restricting your single player ummm play to about 2 hours you will enjoy it whole lot more.

Multiplayer mode is where Outlaw Tennis excels, either go head to head against a mate or if your lucky enough to have more than one friend you can also go head to head with doubles teams against each other which can be really fun.

The cutscences are immensly funny (well most of them) for the first time you've view them however they tend to get in the way of your play when all you want to do is claw back from 3 games down and not suffer your shame so an option to disable them wouldn't have gone a miss at all.

If you fancy getting it and jumping straight in use the profile name of "Cut To The Chase" (take note of capitals) to unlock all characters and levels for multiplayer.

For drunken returns from the clubs with your mates this game is one of the best to play multiplayer. Ok so not everyone really liked it but it is one of my favourite games on the xbox for 2 or 4 players.