Not exactly Top Spin but, for the price, very good nontheless.

User Rating: 8 | Outlaw Tennis XBOX
Graphics: Nicely done. The characters look great. (Especially the women ;) ) Gameplay: Surprisingly good. It's not axactly a simulation so the characters move faster than average. You can make then go faster by using the turbo. What I liked most is that they actually have the different shot types. Slice, Top Spin, it's all there. As for serves, the way it works is that you hold the shot button and a power meter starts increasing rapidly and you stop it by letting go of the A button, so whatever number between 0 and 100 it lands on is the power level of the shot. Simple enough. They also have power serves. If you hold R and serve and you get the power meter to stop on 100 your character does this crazy serve. For example, Killer Miller throws it high in the air, jumps after it and whacks the ball at his opponent. These shots are cool but I honestly think they're useless. You rarely if ever get an ace and it's as if the opponent suffers no recoil from the shot after hitting the ball. Like Outlaw Golf, your playing also slightly depends on your composure. The worse you play, the more your composure goes down. To improve composure, you need figh tokens. To use them, press Y and the game turns into the worst fighting game ever made. You keep pressing the main four buttons and the characters start swinging until someone wins. Quite pathetic but nothing that ruins the game. You can easily look past it. Sound: The announcer actually isn't that annoying. Also, there's plenty of dialog to go around. It was a while before I heard anyone say the same thing twice. The game in general also sounds great and, as usual, better if you have surround sound.