Pure Crap.

User Rating: 1 | Orphen: Scion of Sorcery PS2
Ok, I have been waiting to rip this game apart for everyone to see. The Game's story (if you can call it a story) revolves around Orphen a Sorcerer with an attitude problem. Him and a cast of characters (that are very forgettable) are on a ship going to some island. When a storm comes out of nowhere, during this storm a Leviathan rises out of the Ocean & attacks the ship & crew. This is when you get to see the horrible Combat system.

Gameplay: The controls our worst then Pre-RE4 controls. When a game has worst controls then a Resident Evil game ( All the ones before Resident Evil 4) then it sets a new low in gameplay & that is exactly what is game does. I found myself getting extremely mad at this game during the "Battles". Oh in case your wondering it takes about 10 seconds to get into the battle. Once in a battle you then realize that you control Orphen & only Orphen. You have no control over anyone else, Which would not be a problem if the Ally A.I. was smart. Well guess what it is not smart at all. You could be on the brink of death & they would just continue to attack the enemy. Let me just finish this off with: the gameplay is nothing, but CRAP! Now let's move on.

Graphics: No I have moved on from Crap to horrid. What were the developers on when they were making this? This has got to be the game with the worst graphics on the Ps2. When they talk the move in patterns, & their lips don't move yet they speak (more on voice acting later). I really don't know what else to say about the graphics. Let me leave it at that.

Sound: Let's start off with Voice Acting. What is that coming out of their mouths, why that sounds like CRAP (I would say something else, but I trying my best to keep it clean) who did they hire for the voice acting? Who ever they were they need to be shot. Not even criminals should be force to hear this CRAP. Moving on to the soundtrack, AHHHHHHHH! Why did they do this to the game? This game does not need anything else to go against it. I out of things to say you can pretty much guess what I will say about the sound. CRAP!!

Verdict: There are two reasons to get this (not both) 1) To place it into a collection or 2) To say you have played the worst game okay not the worst, but the second worst game in history of fun.