A game that remains in my library to remind me how bad games can be.

User Rating: 3.5 | Orphen: Scion of Sorcery PS2
I bought this game over three years ago, it looked merely interesting to me and so I decided to play it. However not long into the game I realised how wrong I was. Yet I felt myself compelled to continue to see if I would eventually turn out to like it and to realize that it was not bad at all. But before I knew it the game was over.

This game offers very little in challenge and can become very repetitive very fast. You will literally find yourself running through it without so much as a sweat, until you come to a combat battle and then suddenly find yourself rather confused as you take control of the main character and the main character only while your allies who are of very little help, cause you to become very frustrating very fast. The gameplay feels very broken, at the worst parts it becomes very painful to play and at its best feeling no different from a stroll in the park, which is not a good thing if your looking for a challenge.

The graphics though not bad cannot help but be interfered by the looming blue screen that appears whenever you turn a corner or the camera tilts. Eventually becoming an eye sore, literally.

The anime scenes couldn't do anything to help either the game or the story. They feel rather random, in fact you will find yourself wondering whats that point since there barely is a story to begin with. If all you wanted was some pretty anime scenes then look no further. Basically Scion, the sorcerer along with his sidekick met some very different types of characters who you basically for the entire game help out, as you are all trying get off some island your stranded on or something like that. Half the time you won't understand what they are even talking about as both the dialog and voice acting were poor. Frankly the story and the characters are easily forgettable from the moment your finished playing it. Which by the way isn't very long at all. You'll more then likely have this game finished within 10-15hours, which for the most hardcore of gamers will last you all but a day, so it isn't really worth the value you paid for it. However you can't help yourself feel somewhat happy that it is this short as you don't have to suffer playing it anymore. Especially if you one of those people like myself who are compelled to see a game through to the very end.

The only reason this game still remains in my library today is to remind myself of how bad game can be. Like it says at top.