no fun to be had at all

User Rating: 6.2 | Onimusha Tactics GBA
whan i first picked up this game,i thought yes, a ff tactics like game, but when i flicked on my ds, i soon found this was not what its worth.
i first noticed the annoying text, it was a bit slow, and couldent be worse, the dialogue itself was a bit corny. the graphics werent that bad concerning it was a gba game.
fighting is where this game falls in my opinion. it is very slow and the turn mode is not how its good to be done. you make your turn, everyone attacks, then the enemy take their turn and they all attack in a big assault. this kinda made you feel that " oh yes im winning" then your turn ends and then your saying " oh s**t, im down to 1 man". i hate this style, if it was agility based it would be better.
the attacks were plain bull, your character has 3 abilities only, nothing more. except their plain attack command. i really did not want to play something like this.
te music as you may expect is japanese style battle music, its nice but it dosen't really make up for anything
if you actually liked this average game (or will try it) i would strongly recommend FF tactics advance, its a better game, but if you like onimusha, this might be worth a try.