Better than you would think.

User Rating: 9.1 | Onimusha Tactics GBA
When you see a name like Onimusha Tactics, you figure its probly not going to be a very good game. Chances are its just a cheap handheld knockoff of a great, well-known series.
Well, myself being a total tactics RPG nut,. I had been counting down the days until its release for months. The day finally came, and I didn't really expect much. I picked it up, stuck it in my new red gameboy SP and prepared for the worst... But, I was pleasantly surprised. This game is actually quite good. The graphics are sprites, and though I've said it a thousand times before, I'll say it again. Its hard to go wrong with sprites. These are most certainly not the best sprites I've ever seen, but they're visually pleasing all the same. The story and plotline are somewhat lacking, though still functional and good enough to keep the game running. The battle system is great, and the soul system works fine too. The game just isn't as deep as most tactics RPGs, but its enough to keep quite happy for your two game files. Overall it's a very good game, and I would recommend it to any RPG fans out there.