User Rating: 3.9 | One Piece: Pirates Carnival PS2
The gameplay is repetitive, linear and unispired. The voice acting made star fox adventure's look good and the fact I wasted my money renting this is a disgrace. It takes about an hour to fully master this simplistic and unimaginative game spawned from a simplistic and truly awful anime series. Luffy isn't gonna be the king of anything when he can't afford to buy a hat made of anything except straw. I mean I liked straw hats untill he came along. "I'm gonna be King of the Pirates," no luffy "Your gonna shut the hell up before I beat you." I'm not gonna waste my time writing a full review of this but am gonna warn you unless your a big fan stay away. And let's face it no one over the age of 12 likes this show. The only reason it gets a 3.9 is because I get to beat up Luffy.