Go Straw Hats!

User Rating: 9.1 | One Piece: Pirates Carnival PS2
I think this one of the best games I have ever played, but I don't really care for the voice and music collections though. I think my fav. mini-games would be:
1.Ship Battle Royale
2.Sunken Treasure Salvage
3.Beware of the MH5 (Don Krieg)
4.Out of the Bag (Captain Kuro)
5.Pirates' Dodgeball
6.Rumble Basketball
7.Chop Chop Harpoon Mayhem (2nd Buggy mini-game)
8.Wapple's Munch Munch Factory
9.Thundering Sword Play (Zolo)
10.Mr.4's Batter Up
11.The Great Smoke Escape
12.Defend the Usopp Factory
13.and Gum Gum Carnival

What really bothers me though is that I have'nt unlocked Grand Line 2 & 3 or Skypeia1 yet. I hope I get to play One Piece Grand Adventure soon!