Omikron's interesting story will have you coming back for more despsite some other issues.

User Rating: 7 | Omikron: The Nomad Soul DC
Omikron is set in a futuristic world that when I played it 11 years ago I was really sucked into the atmoposhere of the futuristic style cars, people, and buildings. The music by David Bowie is a perfect fit for the mood of the game and really blended together nice. You play as a Nomad Soul that can leave the body of your character and enter other bodies with different abilites and stats. The game play here is what turned alot of people off this otherwise very unique game. Omikron has some segments of FPS's where you'll be placed in a room in a first person view and have to fight your way to the exit. The controls aren't implented good at all though and it'll feel like this game tried to do something cool but fell short. Then there's some parts of just standard one vs one fighting. Again this comes up short with the basic fighting and nothing really special about it. All in all I didnt think this was the most horrible game ever made. However Omikron The Nomad Soul isn't the best game ever made either..