Solve a mystery in a vast future world.

User Rating: 10 | Omikron: The Nomad Soul DC
In Omikron, life is fraught with danger and excitement. Although the world is controlled by technology, from agile communication systems to flying cars, slip out at night and you can encounter equal amounts of thrills and peril. It is a very adult world, as some of the shops and clubs can attest.

Then people keep turning up dead.

This is a shock in the supposedly orderly land. You must roam the city, risking your life and limb, to find out who's behind the murder spree--aliens, robots or people.

It's a complicated game, and the environment laden with puzzles that will bedevil you for hours. Once you break through to the second half, you can make progress a little more quickly.

The music comes from rock legend David Bowie. He contributes some album tracks and some originals to the soundtrack.

A sequel is in the works for the new game systems.

It's about time.