Oddworld abe's oddysee is just one remarkable game,,overall;)

User Rating: 10 | Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PC

Oddworld came to us all the way back,,many years ago,,a decade ago,,

a millenium,,but it is still a uniqq,,and great game;)

it came to us,,it was part of ps1,,whe n ifirst purcahsed a ps1..it was brilliantly fun,,hadnt had this fun for ages;),,i went over to a friends house,,just for this;pp,,


helllo there ,,fellow citizen,,

hello there nabout,,patriot,,citizens,,

eh anyway,,

i would go so far and say,,this is a masterpiece,,really enjoyed it,,

2d platformer,,but clever artwork,,go t othe right or left,,put the pzuzles where good,,he could have tons of weird,,silly voices,,also the pure nature of this game which was the invirment,,so muc hthings going on;),,kind off like an dreamworld,,just like the whole game overall,,its was fun,,for many hours,,also liked cutscenes,,liked everything about this game;)),,

ps1 is back baby;pp;),,,

bottomline / endline,,:: just like the whole game overall,,its was fun,,for many hours,,

ps; take cover,,and we wise;p ,,