Abe's Oddysee is a fun game that show's platformers can be entertaining if done right.

User Rating: 8.5 | Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PC
Abe's Oddysee is a new platforming game in the Oddworld series. It features Abe, also known as "stitch-lips" due to stitches on his mouth, possibly to shut him up. Abe is but a worker at RuptureFarms, a meat processing factory on Oddworld. Abe stumbles on a bunch of Glukkons, the masters of this factory. Seems sales have reached an all time low, and the wildlife is becoming extinct. As a last ditch effort, they decide that Mudokons, Abe and his pals, are to be the next food source. Outraged, Abe begins his escape, but he is pursued by the Sligs, the security around the factory. It is up to him to save his friends.

The game helps you out at the start with little signs hanging on walls and the ceiling, giving button commands that Abe can execute. The goal of the game, is to save as many Mudokons as you can, while keeping Abe alive. The game uses alot of panel action when navigating the world, and focuses heavily on game-speak. Using this, Abe can call his buddies, tell them to follow, or wait in place. Some stealth action is used, giving you the ability to hide in shadows, where Sligs can't see. If motionless, the Sligs could virtually touch the player, and not notice Abe. You can even chant, causing balls of energy, to possess an enemies body. This could indicate Abe and his pals are like sages or shaman.

The game also uses a Karma system. If Abe kills too many of his buddies, it could result in a bad ending. Letting a Slig shoot a Mudokon, or having any other creature kill them, as well as purposly electrifying them, dropping them off cliffs, crushing them, or my personal favourite, dropping a meat grinder on them, is bad. If your not so much of an ass and decide to save your buddies, they will help you in the end.

The game dosn't have many downsides, but the game-speak can get annoying. Calling multible friends may only end up nabbing one and only one, forcing you to try and run off the panel and back, to attract your other partner. When following, they may not follow your exact movements, and may run into a meat grinder or other hazard if you don't stop ahead of time. A big crowd can also attract Sligs more easily, and cause him to gun you all down.

While the game has it's ups and downs, it's fun gameplay and humor are more than enough to keep you playing. It can be hard at times, but even the casual gamer should be able to get a good kick out of this game.