User Rating: 9.8 | Ninja Gaiden XBOX
ok i'm like the biggest fan of the game, even though to me the story isn't quite as good as ninja gaiden 2. i still think the gameplay is really what matters. because we the people know what the character can to by pressing buttons but we had no idea what we can do skillfully with the character thats why the story wasn't as good as the others. team ninja wanted for us to train harder to be the ninja's we always wanted to be in this game. ok now the music is ok a little watered down but good not as memorable as ninja gaiden 1,2 even this game is as hard as they come i love the challenge so i'll always have it in my in mind as one the greatest game i known so i value this game alot the graphics are as hardcore as they come i love it i think they should leave it alone if they should make part 2 (well part 5 to me )