Ninja Gaiden is simply the best action/adventure game the Earth has ever seen so far

User Rating: 9.8 | Ninja Gaiden XBOX
The Good:
Very challenging, some of the best visuals and soundtrack i've ever experienced in a game, extremely well done character models, none of the games bosses should be underestimated or any enemy for that matter

The Bad:
The game might be a little too hard for most casual players

The Review:
In Ninja Gaiden you'll play as a highly skilled ninja called Ryu Hayabusa that we also have seen from the Dead or Alive series and the Ninja Gaiden games from the NES and SNES era. This game is according to Team Ninja the first game of the series story wise, and it's also the best game of the series. This game begins with that most of the Hayabusa clan gets assassinated and the very powerful Dark Dragon Blade that they guarded is being stolen by a Samurai called Doku that Ryu later faces, but he looses the battle. But somehow he manages to survive and he's determined the get his revenge and bring back the Dark Dragon Blade. That's pretty much the story, but who said simple means bad, especially in this case it absolutely doesn't.
You'll encounter all kind of enemies in this game, from ordinary ninjas to giant dragons. And every single one of them will give you a real challenge. That's it also what makes this game so damn good, I've haven't had this kind of challenge from a game for years, and i have certainly missed it more than thought i did. But the challenge can be a little to difficult for those who are not used with this type of game-play and they will probably give up and stop playing it. That's pretty sad because they will be missing out of one best games available. But thankfully that is the only bad thing with the game, the rest including game-play, sound and visuals are top notch and some of the best ever.
If you somehow managed to miss the game and you love action/adventure games, you should trade in your whole collection of the genre just to get this game. Thrust me it will be totally worth it.