Its a Mario game, C'mon who is not going to like it!!!!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS
I love Mario and all his games. Its like a new updated Mario with a few new surprises. I kind of get the nostalgic feelings of a Super Mario Bros 3. Not trying to give away to much but from the begging I felt like I was playing SMB3 but with today's graphics. I love it and will keep playing it till I get all three coins in every stage. The Coin Rush feature is very addicting I keep trying to beat my own score every time. I'm addicted. I guess the only thing I can say that was disappointing about the game was the lack of vs. mini games. I remember back on the ds version there was mini games that only needed one game cartridge to play and the only way to play co-op is a cartridge per 3ds. So i guess i have two buy two. What a great way to increase sale of this game.Cheers Nintendo great strategy.!!!!