In conclusion, the only worth while module is Pirates of the Sword Coast. The rest are just chunks that leave much to be

User Rating: 7 | Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker PC
Just finished the 4 premium modules that comes with the Kingmaker expansion for Neverwinter Nights. Only one of the modules is a stand out adventure, the other ones are...well they're wastes of time

I started out with the module that this expansion pack is named after, Kingmaker. While the story started off with some new effects, the story was trite and boring. You're play part of a rag tag bunch of heroes chasing an evil masked man. You cut through this masked man’s ranks and stop him before he can lay siege to a fort. Finally face to face with the masked man... you’re destroyed by a spell and then starts a quest that is mostly about politics in this small fort town.

Honestly there’s nothing good to say about this quest. You run around town trying to get votes from the different factions by doing deeds for them, then you’re thrust off to the final confrontation with the masked man. All the while your talking sword hints as to how powerful and great you are but the module is over before any of that fleshes out

The second one I went through was Shadow Guard. This adventure starts you out as a dignitary’s son/daughter on the day granting of an empire’s citizenship. This story didn’t start out too interesting but it quickly picked up as you solve a murder, return lost objects, stop an underground slave trade among other things. It seems that this top secret organization called the Shadow Guard is interested in your help but before you get too far into that you’re caught in an assassination plot of your family. I couldn’t go much further even if I wanted to spoil the plot because the story abruptly ends not too long after this, leaving you to wonder what happens next.

The third and best modules I played was Pirates Of The Sword Coast. The whole pirate theme is totally different from the themes in any of the other expansions. There are dozens of new objects with pirate influenced names. In all it was the longest and the best of all the modules. The story wasn’t too good but at least this time I got to play through a whole story. Also without spoiling the story, there’s a great switch about ¾ of the way through that is a big change for a character. They implemented quite a few interesting and fun little things that this quest alone is worth the price of admission.

Lastly there is Witch’s Wake. Another quest that ends even before it begins. I had the least amount of enjoyment playing this one because it followed Pirates. Playing this is like watching the Godfather then watching a Pauly Shore movie. It just left a lot to be desired.
In conclusion, the only worth while module is Pirates of the Sword Coast. The rest are just chunks that leave much to be desired.