Decent game with interesting storyline and believable characters but too repetitive and doesnt look good enough.

User Rating: 6.8 | Neverwinter Nights 2 PC
NWN2 is worth playing if you are a fan of the dungeons and dragons series as it is based on those rules, but if you are not, you may find this game getting tiresome fairly quickly. The storyline is interesting enough and you meet many new companions while completing it, but the environments, especially in settlements, are not really up to standard. You never really feel immersed in the game world, as there is no way to travel through the world, except by teleporting from one area to another which makes everything seem very distant and you cannot get a proper feel for the world. It needs an open world system to make it more believable.

There are some good cinematic scenes which help you to understand the plot more and the companions you travel with all have their own distinct personality. When talking to NPCs you are often given a choice of responses and these can change how your companions feel towards you. You are also given a status of lawful/unlawful and good/evil based on these responses.

The spell effects are fairly good , with a good range of spells, but the main combat system is very repetitive in just clicking on the enemy to attack, this often makes combat, which is the main part of the game, very tiresome and it is too difficult to control all of your companions on combat.

For a game which such steep hardware requirements, the graphics are not really that good. There are some decent shadow effects but overall they are nowhere near what they should be for the requirements.

The camera is also a key problem as none of the presets provide quite the right view and you will often find yourself adjusting the camera constantly as there is no 1st person view. The controls are also annoying because the wasd keys do not allow very precise movement and just tapping the d key for example turns you a full 45 degrees which is far too much and you often have to resort to clicking on the ground to move which is not really up to the standards of a game of today.

In conclusion NWN2 is a decent game especially for fans of dungeons and dragons but it is often too repetitive and doesnt keep your attention for very long. This game will probably appeal most to fans of RPGs because it has all the traditions of most RPGs, but hardly any new exciting features have been implemented which makes it a fairly forgettable game.