It wasn't made by blizzard people. Get over it. Great game if you loved the first one.

User Rating: 9.4 | Neverwinter Nights 2 PC
Now before I rate I have to state badly that this game will be nothing like WoW, Guildwars, Fable, or any of those games. That is because it is NOT made by those people. It is made by the same people who made Kotor and the Old NWN so if you like those style of point and click games you will love this, but whats that? Don't know if you liked those old games?

Do your self a favor and go buy the old Neverwinter Nights, it is really cheap and won't piss you off. Then play it and remember that this game will be 90% like that. Same style of moving, same style of combat, same style of classes and leveling. There will be diffrent things like new spells, classes, better graphics new story but over all do not get it expecting it to be like wow because blizzard did not make this game.

Now onto why I loved it. this game is a great RPG. It takes you and puts you ito a highly DnD style game. The have a great story, great classes, awesome graphics and so on. But what I love about it is the tool set. Yes thats right the tool set that lets every one even you, don't know much about making games? Don't matter this thing is so easy to use i promise you that withing a month of daily pratice you will be able to make your own mods for it. That is what i love the most is because you get so much from the players who make new mods and new tile sets and so on that keep this game a non stop adventure game. Who wouldn't want to spend $50 for a game that will still offer new stuff 5 years later? Thats how it was with the first one.

Gameplay - 9 I love twitch/fps games but this one makes me feel like im really there exploring

graphics 9 - while maybe not as good as oblivion I still think this game has great graphics and is a huge jump from their first one

sound 9 - one of the fear games that make sound seem importain, not another wow game where it sucks that you just turn it all off

value 10 - I know from the first one that this game is going to last for years to come, I still play the old one and geting new player made mods every day NOTHING is better then a game that can still offer new things 5 years later, nothing

Tilt 10 - call me a fanboi of these guys but with their kotor games and nwn games and all the others i feel these guys remember what games were about unlike others *cough ea cough* who release bugged to hell games just to get the money rolling.