My favourite NFS game...

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Underground 2 PC
In this game you are a racing driver in a city which hardly resembles Los Angeles. The graphics are not so good but the game is really interesting. Your guide through the game will be Rachel and a guy which only calls you. The races are quite interesting but some people will get bored after playing a while. I'm not one these people. I can play it for a long time. I did not understand the story but that isn't very bad for me. The tuning in this game is awesome, the best in series (in my opinion). Only autosculpt parts are missing (first appeared in Carbon). Some people who have played newer NFS games like Most Wanted will say that there is no police. But I don't really like the police so it's good for me. Soundtracks are good for example Black Betty by Spiderbait that really makes you going fast. Physics are not so good because this a fun arcade game, not a hardcore simulator. I have very good memories about this game so that will be higher score for me.
Only bad thing is the final race is too easy. Easier than some drag races.

Story:(Don't want to count it)