Playing racing games is not my Genre, but wait why am I stuck on this?

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed: The Run 3DS
This my mini review of NFS-the run was based on my personal experience on the game. I am reviewing my games with 5 criteria.

1.) Gameplay - learning curve is easy and you are just enjoying the nice control of the game. no pressure on putting some efforts on the wheels. I find this racing game not boring. The online feature also adds good experience on the game.

2.) Sound - The background music perfectly fits well while driving. Gives additional thrill on the game.

3.) Story - It seems straightforward at first, but as soon as you indulge deeper into the story, there are some twists on it.

4.) Graphics - Impressive on both 2d and 3d mode. I love the way they put on rains and dust.

5.) Replay Value - After the main story, there are a lot of challenges in the game which will hook you up for several hours. There are a lot of cars to be unlocked and some great mobile upgrades and customization.