Uh... - Get It Or Forget It? - Need For Speed Rivals (Reviewed On PS4)

User Rating: 7 | Need for Speed: Rivals - Complete Edition PS4


This game series itself has gone downhill, but this particular installment brought me hope that it might redeem the series. Was I right?


Here We Go Again (By JS on PS4)

Unlike my usual structure, I'll be noting everything bad and good in one big dollop so... prepare yourself.

Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first.

The game's physics in relation to the roadside objects really just... UHHHHH

So, I'm driving around, a beautiful scenery - online scenery, because this game (for me, anyway) is 100% online, go figure, and I hit a lamppost at a high speed (as I am chasing a racer) and it knocks over.

"That's fine, I know if I need to I can smash into that." So I continue and I hit another lamppost and i- oh. oh. okay. fine. right. oh.

OH. Look. I had a crash, meaning I loose my opponent. Wait, sorry. Rival, meaning I don't get speed points making the whole pursuit useless, and then I knock over another and then crash. I don't even know anymore. I find myself more often than not crashing into the most random things that I previously knocked over like a bowling pin. It really, really frustrates me. Next!


Look, I don't know whether my fellow cops are working with me or trying to murder me. They just smash into me. Roadblocks are annoying, they work for me more than the racer. An the whole time, they are trying to smash me up and make me loose my speed points.

There's a game mode called OverWatch.

The Sat-Nav aswell is soooo annoying. It kind of sometimes shows you the arrows on the road and sometimes doesn't. HALP.

And the cut scenes are one of the most obscure, vague, off-topic and cringey piles of nonsense I have ever seen in my entire life.

"I am the dirt under your nails, I am the sin you deny at confession." ARE YOU TRYING TO SUMMON A DEMON?!? And the news reporter in those cutscenes is the most unenthusiastic, boring and robotic sounding person I have ever heard in....bhkcds

Now the good stuff... yay....

Even though it might take a few seconds to load in, the graphics and scenery on this game are beautiful especially when it comes to the small details on the car and the road. Roads can sometimes get repetitive in style, but the beautiful, varying environments that sound make you forget all about it...

Kinda hypnotizing if you ask me.

The driving controls are smooth, quick and responsive, and really get you into the feel and mood of the game. Objectives are interesting, challenging and varying, and it really makes you want to go that extra mile (no pun intended) to reach the finish line. Vehicle strength is a key component in the game, and something that isn't bothering but fun: it adds an extra layer of risks of your attacks. All in-game sounds are quite realistic, and the unique weather system makes the realism feel so good!


It's a great game with some great flaws. Be ready for an imperfect experience. It's not bad, but it's not up there with one of the best. It's a "Get It" from me, but beware...

EA created it.