Not even the 2+ hour wait to fully install the game will speed up the loading screens

User Rating: 4 | Need for Speed: Rivals PS4

As most already know, you will have to download the game..... TWICE just to play the full version of this game. First, you play the basic training introduction of cop and racer. THEN........ be prepared to wait for at least an hour or so to fully install the game onto your console. I'm connected via Ethernet going over 50Mbps and I could not believe how long it took just to download this game. When you finally do get to play the game, the ball starts rolling. You are limited to only 2 camera angles (there is no driver's seat perspective) and I got to the point where I turned down the volume for the music since the selection wasn't exactly the best. Other than that, the game runs pretty nice at 30fps. Yep, that's another thing. The devs decided to give this NEXT-GEN version of this game a 30fps lock. I get it, performance is key when it comes to running a game, but devs really need to work on figuring out how to optimize the games they release by taking full advantage of NEXT-GEN consoles. I guess I've been spoiled with the Microsoft exclusive Forza series where the latest game is clocked at 60fps. But at 30fps, I'd have to say this game isn't that bad looking performance-wise. The worst thing is that despite waiting for so long to install the game onto my console (I bought the digital version), there are STILL loading screens. What the?!? Why? Why install such a huge file onto your console's hard drive when it still takes long just to load it anyway? Ugh. This game should have been a $19.99 special on the PSN Store.