User Rating: 9.4 | Need for Speed Most Wanted PS2
The first thing that cought my eye was the interface before entering the races, its a whole lot better than the previous predesessors seeing as the previous ones had no appeal, this has this bad boy look to it. Sprays coming in from left and right. The big shocker was the return of the porche and lambos. The career mode was alot different than High Stakes, nor the underground series. Havin the black list to clear of is a lot fun. I was trying so hard to prepare for the next black list competitor that i notice there isnt anything else i could do to the car other than buy a new one, which i blew all the money to modify the old car. So just had to redo a career or just try to win without a better car than the rival. The best rival i found was Ming, even though overall the AI of the black list drivers was anything to awe about, ming was the thoughest of the lot. During the endless hours of causing havok to get the markers for the total police cars hit, trying to avoid the cops was a lot tougher than out speeding the black list. Hated the SUV, hated the SUV road blocks, hated that corvette cop, when the heat reaches max level, it is just as tough to bring it down, but i just love trying hit the police cars. The tollbooth races was a lot fun.You really have to manage the timing of the boost just right, when you get challenge #35 or more, then it gets on your nerve a bit. Overall the game has been a big improvement. Loved it.