this game surpasses underground by a mile,compared to this they suck,and i for one am glad to see nfs shine again

User Rating: 9.4 | Need for Speed Most Wanted XBOX
don't get me wrong,underground was a good game,but it did'nt have what made the series so big,the police chases,the thrill of running blockades and sending police cars into a wall or incoming has way better cars instead of just imports and crappy hatchbacks barly anyone,they put in the mustang,Porsche carrera gt and the Lamborghini gallardo,not to mention alot of cars that look prettier than a Nissan skyline which has been in almost every racing game since gran turismo 2 and has been totally overused.

maybe the games graphics are'nt so nice,but not everyone has a hd tv and xbox 360 to get the best graphics so your stuck with what ya got,like it or not.
game is not overly hard.if you have the other two games for xbox you'll get the control scheme fast.and maybe this game lacks what gt has,but where it does'nt have it in car amounts or realism,it has it in fun