Fantastic First Car Racing game! There cars are great looking for the PSP but the police cars is all wrong in the game!

User Rating: 8.3 | Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City PSP
Need for speed Carbon: Own The city is so amazing and i have again 100% completetion. YAY!. There are a few promblems i have seen when i was currently playing the game, the part that i really found disturbing is the police cars, who is it that i a SUV police car can go faster that a Lamborgini Murcielago which is the fastest car on the game. Um wonder?. The races for me were easy, so they should put a difficulty level at the start of the game so you can choose wether you want to make the gameplay harder or easier. The gameplay as i said is easy and it is very easy to get the hang of the controls/learning curve, and i am currently doing drifts on freerun to get much better at them, trying to get tighter to the wall but without touching it. I have spent 10 to 20 hours atleast to complete the game. My favorite car on the game is the 'Mustang 1967' or 'Mustang GT' which are cool and mean cars, my favorite fast car would be 'Lamborgini murcielago'. Oh Yeah! stylish but in real life, would get very battered up really easily. Amazing game i have to admit, but they also could of put maybe more cars and alot more customizations/assecories for the cars. Graphics, well for a fast car game i say it is pretty great but the graphics that had fail was the police cars, they don't even realistic, they look basically like toy police cars. If you want slow and fast car races that may and may not challenge you this would be the game. It has great songs from rap, hip hop too rock and dj music. People check my profile because if you need any helps the games will be up on my profile blog. Thank you!