Great need for speed.....

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City PSP
This is one great need for speed,with some great cars including the Carrera GT & Lamborghini Gallardo,Mercedes SL65, Corvette & Ford GT,911 Carrera S,Aston Martin DB9,RX-7, Skyline GTR & WRX STI,Lotus Elise & Mustang GT,Chrysler 300 & Pontiac GTO,RX-8, Toyota Supra & Audi TT,and much more,also need for speed carbon own the city has a really good multiplayer and has a really good story line as well,this game is quite similar to need for speed most wanted,except need for speed carbon own the city has a bit more better graphics,and this game also has some really good graphics and sound.Also the way you can upgrade your cars makes this game even more better.And the multiplayer can be really fun aswell.And the story line is one of the things that make this game even better.



Story line:8.5/10