just anythere game made by ea sports

User Rating: 6.5 | NCAA Football 12 X360
it seems like the ncaa and madden series are always a presentation update to make the game look like it was improved, overrated by the critics (of course not gamestop), and always makes you want to buy it when it comes out but only because you want a football game.

The problems with this game of course remains to be the area that never lives up to what people want it to. even though they fixed the graphics and added a new tackling system, it does not effect how fun the game is. the problem with the game remanes to be the poor animations by players on the field. that is...
- coverage men on the cpu side know the play already so they jump routes
- wide receivers dont fight for the ball when it comes at them which results in picks and swats
- awareness of all positions is broken
- running with a quarterback is nearly impossible unless if its an option play
- punt returning is very very hard if you want more than 15 yards when returning
- defensive ends get past the OL on pass plays too easily
- freshman and varsity are too easy when all american and heisman are too hard
- CBs still dont backtrack but instead start running right away
- touchdowns dont feel rewarding

those are the main problems i notice all of the time. ea doesnt improve these problems because they are lazy and they are lazy because they have no other football game to compete for. madden was a great game up till 2005 when they bought the liscense from 2k and ncaa has never been a great game. ea makes a good hockey and soccer game and they made an ok basketball game because those games alwaya had compitition. Lets just pray nhl 12 doesnt turn out worse since 2k doesnt make it anymore and 2k will buy the nfl liscense next year.