Ugly game with some schools

User Rating: 7.5 | NCAA Football 12 PS3
Sometimes graphics DO count. This game is so ugly that the OK gameplay is overshadowed by football players who when they come to the line look like creatures in alient shootem up games. The overall look of the game is butt ugly and not up to last generation standards. I admit the gameplay is passable and you can pass and run and defend. Another graphical nightmare is the faces of the college players behind the masks. Some look identical game after game and some look like left overs from Planet of the Apes and are downright insulting to the teams and players. This is beyond "uninspired graphics" This is a disgrace in 2011. I am a casual player who plays one game at a time, and if I ignore the graphics I can appreciate that fact that the sliders and difficulty bars work, passing and running are OK, and defense is even a little better than usual. However, the box should contain a warning. "Danger, Ugly Graphics"
I just played Michigan and No Ills and the game looked much better in the snow and actually I enjoyed the game more than the others I played. Maybe I should play all the games in the snow to overcome the graphics issues or at least some of them.