The best way to describe it is "It's great, but..."

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 12 PS3
I have played this game for around 15 hours now, all on dynasty mode. This review will only cover gameplay and the dynasty mode for that reason.
Dynasty Mode:
Recruiting is similar to last year with the roulette wheel for pitching and the ability to downplay another school. These options are great and takes away the unrealistic opportunity to only pitch the players' most important factor for 15 straight weeks.
The menus look great but take too long to load. They have a lot of great info but it takes too long to load and this is very frustrating most of the time.
The coaching carousel is a very unique twist to this and I love it. The part I don't like about it is that you can instantly start as a head coach at Alabama or another top school. A game that in my mind did this type of thing perfectly was College Hoops 2k. You would create a coach, start at a horrible school and work your way up from there, this is a much more realistic and entertaining experience because you are more connected with the struggle.
Other than all of the above, it is the standard NCAA stuff.
The school specific intros are really unique and a great addition to the game.
The stadiums also look really nice and accurate.
The new 3D grass looks amazing... but its grass so big whoop.
Too many times have I thrown a ball to a receiver (usually on a slant) and have the ball smack his helmet, this never happens in real life and is too consistent in the game.
Also, I see DBs drop an interception way too many times. I like to play as a safety and at least once a game my player is in the open for a pick and drops it.
Even worse, 3 times now I have gone up for a pick, dropped it and the CPU wide out catches the ball off the tip. This always happens when the computer is losing by 10-17 points and causes me to yell at the TV.
The CPU gets called for holding or clipping too often on kickoffs, usually around 75% of the time.
The blocking is more consistant though, making a balanced offense possible and the new collision system does look really nice.
Needed additions:
Player suspensions, we had it before lets do it again.
Ability to recruit using illegal means with the possibility of getting caught and facing the consequences, make recruiting more realistic.
New commentary, its been the same stupid sayings for years.
New referee cut scenes, it looks like PS2 graphics.
Ability to improve stadiums and facilities. The arms race of college sports is in full swing, we should be able to upgrade or add new facilities and upgrade the stadiums.
Create plays, college football is all about wacky plays, let us make some!
I could talk longer but I'll cut it off here. All in all, another great game but I keep wondering when needed additions will come in so it will be amazing.