Good, but bad at the same time

User Rating: 6.5 | NCAA Football 12 X360
I played the demo and it seemed just like last years game overall, but the graphics looked like sh!t. I mean, blocky and all. It doesn't look like the players and the field are in the same place. They are not on balance with each other. Its like playing on a green screen or something. I don't see what all the hype is about the grass, it looks pretty crappy during gameplay and on the replays its too long. Grass the colllege kids and the pro's play on it not long and it doesn't blow in the wind. It is a lot shorter than the game would have you believe. So that is a definite failure on EA's part. Maybe the graphics for Madden were great last yeat. At first I didnt like them. It's funny, I played with Oregon, and the guys had hair, but it looked more like the brushes at the car wash and was way too long. Because of the gameplay graphics, I will not buy the game this year. The graphics at the open of the game look great and also on the what's new screens, but not while you're playing the same. A lot of stuff is fixed with the gameplay, particularly with the line AI. I did find that the computer QB held the ball too long. Everything else seemed the same. I did not experience some of the glitches mentioned by other reviewers or the gamespot reviewer, but I would not doubt that they exist. I only played it once and that was just to see if I would buy it.