Almost the best hand held football game ever, almost

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 07 PSP
Where to begin on ncaa 07 for psp well i'm going to start off by saying this is a really fun game of football. The graphics are really good by almost equally managing the ps2's. Sometimes the game is too simple lets say if you do a Hail Mary and you throw it your receiver will almost always catch it which is too easy. The kick meter works great with the psp's analog stick and the controls i say are really good sure with a second analog stick it would be better but sadly sony didn't make one. It's amazing that the developers could fit all this stuff into a portable game, tons of teams to play as, some game modes but the big one is dynasty, and online play.
Some bad things about the game though is that the loading times are way too long that was one of my main problems with the game and when you are on defense and it shows a punt it zooms in on the punter so you cant get that a great of a look and for returning it zooms in on your player too. But the worst thing about the game is the ball spot glitch. Lets say its Fourth and 1 and you run it and a defender tackles you behind the first down mark and you fight for about 5 more yards but it will put the ball back at first contact so you would have to turn it over. But other then those problems it can never hold back the pure enjoyment you get when you are your favorite college team and taking them to the top!