User Rating: 8 | NBA Live 18 (The One Edition) PS4

its really cool what EA did with nba live 18, its a really cool game. love the moves, i personally love nba live 18 more than nba 2k this year. I played the prelude of nba 2k18 and the demo of nba live 18, and nba live 18 got really smooth moves, much better than nba 2k, the graphics looks great, they can improve the cam scan though; the story was great as well, i really think this could be a really good start for nba live, love the online, i've spent a lot of hours trying to win those crates with my firends, sometimes it lags, but most of the time is very fluid, also love little details like the espn recap on the story mode, so you can see the highlights of both teams and the best plays... i also recommend to add a feature where you can see the league leaders and points leaders of the league and stuff like that in the story mode, so you can see and compare to the others player of the league like lebron or westbrook, etc, just like 2k, that could help a lot.

Now, one of the features i love the most is that nba live 18 is not about the VC. See i've been playing 2k since 2011, and man i hate the idea to upgrade my character with VCs, because that creates unbalance between the players in the online mode; Some random guy can purchase the game right now and invest like a 100 dollars on microtransactions so he can get his character ovr 99 right away, and that brings me down, not just me but a lot of people as well, but nba live its more about skills and moves, communication and team work when you playing online 5vs5 or with your friends, so EA stick to the attributes points, i love that, WE (nba live players) love that. i peronsally love this nba live and hope to see more improvements in the next one, but also keep updating nba live 18, because theres a lot of things to improve like some rosters from some teams that are not updated yet. you guys are doing a great job, and really good effort to bring nba live back to live again. Last but not least, love those challenges and live events, keep doing that, with daily challenges, with less rewards, so you can focus those rewards on the weeklys challenges, because sometimes its kind of unfair for those who cannot play like everyday and get those cool clothes from your fav. teams and the other great teams that you like as well...