User Rating: 8 | NBA 2K18 NS

Reviews of NBA 2k17 indicate that last year’s game left a lot of fans disappointed, but 2k18 more than makes up for any shortfalls in the past with some new additions to the game.

If you’re a fan of MyPlayer and all-time great teams, this game will be an absolute blast and you’ll love playing it. The MyPlayer mode allows a player to control an in-game made avatar and goes through an NBA career. The details of the MyPlayer are better than ever, with an ever changing storyline around one’s avatar. The MyPlayer mode also allows for increased interactions between the player’s avatar and star players around the league that can unlock special events and equipment. There is also the new edition in the MyPlayer mode called MyStreets. The MyStreets mode allows you to walk through a basketball neighborhood with other NBA players, facilities, potential games, and even a footlocker store to stay fresh on the latest gear. This new mode has been particularly interesting because 2k has never gone this in depth with a MyPlayer mode ever. Getting to walk through a neighborhood with facilities, players, and games has never been done in 2k before as usually the most in depth the gets is unique scenarios in the career mode. Getting to interact with a brand new environment should make players excited about this new MyPlayer mode. As examples of features in the MyStreets mode includes going into NBA practice facilities, playing basketball games on the black courts outside, and spending money on clothes and upgrades in stores. In 2k18 there is also more individuality being promoted where decisions you make as the avatar ultimately decides the events that unfold and the narrative surrounding your career than in past games. The brand new addition to the 2k franchise though is the all-time great teams. 2k has chosen the best and most notable players from each franchise and put them on their respective teams. Allowing legends to play with current stars in the same gameplay. This addition promises to make online play against friends and others a lot more interesting. Choosing to play with these teams can get rid of the wide discrepancy in talent that often shows up in regular game play.

There are also new intricacies in the gameplay overall that make the action on the court more exciting. Play-calling now has more in depth than ever allowing users to run actual NBA offenses and call out complex man or zone schemes on the defensive end. Some of the glitches in game that lead to repetitive sequences in past games have also been fixed. Leading to more original and natural game flow in 2k18.

Overall those that love MyPlayer mode and want to play with legends in the current era would have an absolute blast with this game. The improved gameplay however, should have all fans of the 2k franchise very excited about this new game.