NBA 2K18 and NBA 2K17 is the most RIGGED and computer cheeser game ever made. THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 1 | NBA 2K18 NS

Save your money. Go buy a real basketball instead.

This is absolutely the worst game ever made. I will never in my life spend money again with any 2K products. I have been playing NBA 2K since it was first introduced on Dreamcast (that's how old I am), but this past few years, has nothing but rigged games.

MyTeam: This is the game mode that I play the most. Everything about this mode is RIGGED. Whatever you do, do not spend money on VC or MT. I've spend countless dollars buying VC to open packs. I keep getting crappy Bronze or Silver players. (yet, some other guy will have every player like Jordan and diamond Curry already). Then when I finally saved enough MT to buy diamond players in NBA 2K17... only to lose to a RIGGED Ruby player like Daniel Gibson or Jalen Brown. The computer cheats and helps players stay in the game. I have diamond rebounders like Shaq and the ball goes through his hands to a small player like Seth Curry (not even Steph Curry). I have been winning by 16 points and every game seems to bring players roaring back to either win the game or make it a 2 point game. If you win the first quarter, 2K will make your opponent go on a magical run and beat you or make the game close (every game!!!!). The defensive setting seem useless. They have a million settings that only Coach K would know how to use (and he still will lose to a cheeser).

Cheeser city. All people do online is run 5-out spread and chuck 3's. Or they will run around until the last few seconds of the shot clock and somehow make every buzzer beater. Once cheesers find those rigged 2K bronze or ruby players.. then everyone has the same players. I cant tell you how many times I play the same damn teams. Same line ups and same cheeser moves.

I still play NBA 2K17 because 2K18 won't release diamond players until the NBA playoffs start in the Summer. It's a waste of money buying the 2K18 game now. However, 2K17 is just as rigged. Pink Diamond Isiah Thomas is terrible.

NBA 2K18 doesn't have Blacktop mode, so you have to actually spend real money to play the games instead of grinding for MT like in 2K17.

Then you go through these leagues like Bronze, Silver.. Gold.. but once you reach the Ruby League.. that's when 2K is really rigged. So many unforced turnovers. You can actually feel the game cheating. You can see your players leaving their assignment (even though you have stay at home defensive settings), you can see the player clearing the lane or allowing a smaller player to grab a board. It's the most rigged game I have ever played.

This game is so rigged. I will never buy 2K again.

What makes this game sad is.. the graphics and player cards are really good. It took 2K a long time to release cards like Derrick Coleman or Dell Curry. But it makes no difference, because everyone will only use the same rigged Ruby cards.

NBA 2K18 makes you miss too many wide open layups. I mean layups? really?

NBA 2K is a cash cow. Everything cost money. The game system cost money, the game itself cost money, the PlayStation network or Xbox membership cost money, then you have to buy PlayStation store cards to add more money. All of this, so 2K can cheat and rig the games.

I'm done NBA 2K. You've robbed me for the last time.