I really love this game tho i got stuck at the kakashi part where it says down + strong and i don't know what they mean?

User Rating: 9 | Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III WII
So thats where i got stuck and i still am stuck! Can anyone help me? Tho I love the wi-fi i always do single battle at the random battle. And i have number two of this game and it is aswum i got 100,0000 because they were on the same memory card how cool is that! I give this game a great review. Andi could get lots of characters at the store this is my new favorite wii games! If you get it i hope you enjoy it as much as me and if so you should give it a good review to like me! S this is one of my favorite naruto games ever and i mean for any consle to! At the part that i am at i think it is kind of hard and lol it is at the beging. :) I love this game. I hoped you guys enjoied this game. Bcause i love it i thought this game might be not that fun tho with its wi-fi you can conect from far away I love that feture to the game witch I find that aswum tho i don't know about you?