NARC is awesome with some of the worst controls ever

User Rating: 9 | NARC PC
Gameplay - Arcade feel having you kill masses of enemies with spy missions, massive fights, boss battles, and sniping.

Guns - HUGE assortment of weapons. There are pistols, sub machine guns, auto snipers, mini guns, assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, everything! Some drugs act as power ups like crack will improve your aim and make you more powerful while weed slows down the game like bullet time.

Badge rating - Makes for an interesting game for example if you accidentally shoot too many civilians you will be demoted and forced to collect drugs for badge points to get you back to work. However if you cause more trouble your behavior is dealt with by making you lose your clothes and your badge so you look like a hobo.

There are 2 cities and a final "boss island" where you take on the final boss. Many things about this game make it enjoyable like boss battles mixed with lots of shooting. Theres not much challenge except for the controls which is my only complaint. When your on top of a van and it turns you must reposition your aim as it gets thrown off every time the van turns. Sniping missions are also tedious having you readjust your aim just right which can take so long you fail the mission.

The music alternates from mellow hip hop to hardcore gangster rap and this is also an enjoyable part of the game. Music is top notch here and fits with the atmosphere. There is nothing but fun to be had with NARC. It does its thing and does it beautifully.