You have to have patience

User Rating: 9.5 | Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion PC
the game even on junior level can be tricky. you need to really use ur brain and just think to beat the game. i had fun playing it. but do be aware that it can freeze and through u out so save often. after u get keys or find out new things just save so u dont have to do them again. even when u call Bess and George, make sure u have cheked out all of the rooms you can enter . go over the rooms slowy enough to highlight all the things that can be red. dont worry about calling home to much unless when u talk to Rose she says nothing to u.
at first it may seem boreing but u must keep at it. it also helps if u like the Nancy Drew stories. If u do u can really find your self having fun solving the mystery. If you werent a fan or do care to much for the game try reading some books first them coming back and playing so u can get a feel for how she works.