fun but creepy

User Rating: 7 | Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion PC
Ok, when I started playing the house scared me, but then I walked up the left staircase and there were all these portraits and pictures and stuff. Then suddenly I heard "I can see you......" in this really creepy voice. I stopped playing for a few minutes. After about an hour of play, I discovered who was making the noises. It was the creepy fortune teller/ghost whisperer lady. Eventually if you go in her room and look in her jewlery box there's a jewel spider. Take the white tape to the cabinet and open the door with the spider. There's all this equipment stuff and if you play the tape it says what the guy said in the crystal ball. Plus sometimes you see a lady ghost person walking in the mirror. Apperently there's a way to see out of the wall and she like puts a hologram up or something. Hope I somewhat helped you in your process of deciding. it's a good b-day present for an intelligent 12 or 13 year old. Good luck1