A solid, addicting game. Very hard tho!

User Rating: 7.5 | N+ DS
" N + "

Ok, what have we got here you ask? Let me try to answer your question as accurate as possible.

N+ is a platformer for Nintendos DS, Sonys PSP and Microsoft's XBOX 360.

In this Game, you are controlling a jumping, sliding ninja through a bunch of rooms.

Sounds boring huh? NO, it doesn't!

Those rooms are filled with various traps like mines, snipers, rockets and so on.

The goal is, to collect gold, hitting a switch (to open the door to the next level) and move through.

The gold is needed, to get more time out of it.

The first levels are easy, but they get harder, but very addicting later on, because you try, to unlock as much content as it has.

There isnt much left to explain.

Graphics: 5.0 (Retro look isnt for everyone)
Sound: 5.0 (Electro music on Repeat, kinda sad)
Gameplay: 8.0 (challenging and addicting)
Controls: 7.0 (great controls, sometimes frustrating)
Content: 7.5 (very much to unlock)

Overall: 7.5

Thats it. A solid, addicting game that has much to offer.

If you like Platformers, get this game!

Others might rent it first.