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N+ Cheats For DS

  1. Collect X amount of gold

    Collect the amount of gold listed to get the unlockable.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Collect 1200 gold Blitz Map pack
    Collect 500 gold Blue Ninja
    Collect 900 gold Bonus Music 1
    Collect 2500 gold Co-op Map pack
    Collect 3000 gold Domination Map pack
    Collect 700 gold Green Ninja
    Collect 20,000 total gold Music 2
    Collect 1000 gold Purple Ninja
    Collect 300 gold Red Ninja
    Collect 3500 gold Tag Map pack
    Collect 400 gold Vicory Animation 1
    Collect 800 gold Victory Animation 2
    Collect 1100 gold Victory Animation 3
    Collect 1500 gold Victory Animation 4
    Collect 10000 gold Victory Animation 5

    Contributed by: oblongman7, Cheeze_Pantz 

  2. Complete episodes in Single player to unlock these

    Complete all the stages in an episode to get a message telling you what you have unlocked.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete episode 02 Blue ninja
    Beat all 45 Episodes Gold Ninja
    Complete episode 03 Green ninja
    Collect 5,000 total gold Pink Ninja
    Complete episode 01 Red ninja
    Complete episode 01 Victory Dance 01

    Contributed by: f00had, AskaLangly, Guitar_Hero_Guy 

  3. Atari Bonus Levels code

    At the Unlockables screen, hold L and R and enter the code.

    Effect Effect
    A, B, A, B, A, A, B Unlocks Atari Bonus Levels

    Contributed by: legolas0008 

N+ Cheats For PSP


    Do code at unlockables menu

    Effect Effect
    Hold L+R, X-O-X-O-X-X-O Gives you 25 extra levels

    Contributed by: Timshadow 

N+ Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Expert Challenge Stages

    If you complete all 50 single-player chapters, 10 more are unlocked. They do not show up on the leaderboards and can not be played in multiplayer, their only purpose seems to be a personal challenge.

    Contributed by: BobDole1216 

  2. Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Complete 10 co-op episodes. Complete 10 Co-op Episodes
    Complete 15 Single Player episodes. Complete 15 Episodes
    Complete 30 Single Player episodes. Complete 30 Episodes
    Complete 40 Single Player episodes. Complete 40 Episodes
    Complete 5 co-op episodes. Complete 5 Co-op Episodes
    Complete all 50 Single Player episodes. Complete 50 Episodes
    Complete one tutorial episode. Disciple
    Complete an episode without dying in Single Player mode. Perfectionist
    Die 1000 times in Single Player mode. Practice Makes Perfect
    Win 10 races in ranked online matches. Speed Demon
    Win 10 survival games in ranked online matches. Survivalist
    Complete an episode and obtain every gold piece in Single Player mode. Treasure Hunter

    Contributed by: MidianGTX 

  3. New N+ Gamer Picture

    Beat the expert level challenges to unlock a new N+ gamer picture to use with your Xbox Live Gamertag. The gamer picture features a black ninja with the red headband jumping through the air.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Episodes 0-49 Secret N+ Gamerpic

    Contributed by: Cloud7654