Another amazing game in the MySims frachise.

User Rating: 9 | MySims Racing DS
MySims Racing is a great game for all ages which can be difficult at times but is mostly just right.

People are always saying that MySims Racing and other kart/car racing games are rip-offs of Mario Kart, but they're not they are all unique, and anyway there must of been a kart game before Mario Kart.

I didn't think this would need saying but I'm saying it anyway you start out by designing your character.

One of the biggest things that make MySims Racing unique, is your ability to make your own car out of parts obtainable as blueprints from doing favors, playing multiplayer and doing races in story mode. These parts like engines, builds, spoilers and wheels will help you to make the perfect car fo you.

There are three modes story, which is racing to unlock new race tracks and engines and other things to help your car go faster. Quick race, which means playing races you've unlocked if you want to do something quickly although you don't get a reward. Multiplayer, you can race up to four players in either local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi to get yourself and your friends some prizes.

Graphics are the usual MySims graphics (which are great)

All in all MySims Racing is a great game which many people will enjoy.